Bullied and the Bully



A double edged sword.


You take the pain,

But what is it like to inflict it?


You find your target,

You spit out some words,

That have been spat at you.


You seem them crumble,

You see them run,

You see them in the paper the next day.

They hung themselves because you decided to

Take the place of the bully.


But the bullied had had enough,

And decided they wanted to

Just end it all.



A double edged sword.


But who is there to truly stop it?

The parent?

The teacher?

Other students?


Students just let it past,

Teachers let it be known they are there to help,

Parents aren’t that close with their children,

To be their aid.


Students look the other way,

Teachers just keep on teaching,

Parents are only there to dig the grave

And pay for the casket.



A double edged sword,

To the bully and the bullied,

And all those around.


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