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They called her names

They laughed as she cried

They pretended to be friends with her

They filled her head with lies


She believed their words

She took it to heart

She filled herself with self hatred

She tried to make a new start


Attempted to eat healthy

Attemped to work out

Attempted to lose weight

Attempted to erase their doubts


Their words were engraved in her mind

Their taunts haunted her soul

Their giggles pierced her heart

Their heartless ways took its toll


She began to lose herself

She wanted the pain to go away

She started to throw up her food

She was never the same since that day


It started to control her life

It became an endless addiction

It happened day after day

It was a battle she thought could never be won


Had they known what would happen

Had she known how far she would fall

Had they known how much words could hurt

Had she known maybe this wouldn't have started at all


If she could change anything

If the heavens and earth allowed it to be so

If it were at all possible

If life could change what was long ago


She would change the way people see others

She would change the way she see's herself

She would change the day she stepped on that scale

She would change the day she tried to be somebody else








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