Band boy (Speak up)



As they walk down the street
The boy jumps to his feet
He's getting ready to run
These boys arnt here to have fun
 They chase him to an ally 
The poor boy is used to this in the valley
They punch and kick until the boy can't stand 
The poor boy knew he shouldn't have joined band
Band geek the teased at the boy
They treated him like some kind of old toy
What was the boy supposed to do
Only if he had his own crew 
The boy goes home wondering why they do this to him
He thinks...maybe he should join a gym
Join a gym and do what, become one of them
He stays up thinking until the a.m.
He decides he'll do nothing at all 
But he won't let them make him feel small
So he speaks up and tell someone what's wrong
After that day the boy felt 10x more strong.


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