Dependency Conflicted

What should've been restricted

Honeysuckle violet roses

Come to me

When I'm at my lowest

 Opiate sinsemilla

Desolate feelings are too familiar

Waft Inhale

Ichor no more blood or struggles plash

Our relationship to be indefinite


Friends call it equivocal

My medicinal use

It's destructive

Enough of this

A lame excuse she used to use

was her father perished

Her Matriarch was the gateway

If I maysay

It boils through vessels

Do you feel it?

No affection from her mister

Has no brother or sister

Reason why she started

Was mainly because people laughed and dissed her

Which came back to the trigger that got bigger

She detest her and those measures


Dear Lord don't let me be another mystery

Lost and Found

Remade played and brought back to life

through my decisions

Like Edgar Allen Poe

Once again no one has to know


Never brought up or to be done

Another time in sin

Cloud 9 happy

Pretending everything was fine

What is Life?

Seriously I don't even take mine seriously deliriously

Their terrific gradual conspiracy

At my own risk is bliss


Red Teardrops

Luckily my heart wouldn't stop

Yellow several needles urking to be pricked

See I do miss it

but am not sea sick

Clouds I withered through

Clouds that turned to reality

I rise above             


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Our world
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