Keep the skids off me

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 21:15 -- Jeehun


Stop! Drop! And Roll! No, that doesn't work for me. I drop, bundle and fall as other start to kick me.Their shoes scratch my head and leave marks on my arms. I dress myelf in long sleeves so that no one can see my harms. My parents know that I have no friend to see. They tell me to be happy, and they say it with such plee. The bullying rate in the world is going up too high. What more can I do, but write a poem and try. Put a slam on bullying and make it stop. One day, the kid you bullied will be your boss and be on top!

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Great poem, please proof read it and edit as necessary. great poem and i wouldn't want a miss spelling or a grammar mistake take away from this piece of work.


Thank you, editing has been made

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