They Don't Matter

They don't matter.

This is said in multitudes

falling from lips of loved ones

as easy as breathing...

But my lungs don't take in oxygen well.

They don't matter,

stated as if scientific law.

Empirical like the sky is blue.

They don't matter.

The sky is not always blue.

The sky is sometimes grey,

heavy with the weight of words

about to rain down like;

I'm already over it.

They were just talking shit.

They don't matter.

Since the beginning they tell you

sticks and stones,

but no matter what they say

words can kill...

I've seen it...

They don't matter.

We build up walls.

She doesn't care what they say,

it slides off her back like water.

Never knowing that they dig in

like the lash of a whip.

Hit after hit.

Blow after blow.

Like my awn personal stations of the cross.

They don't matter.

Taking solace in the knowledge

that my savior understands.

He though they loved him too,

and yet he still loves us.

They don't matter.

But THEY reminded me that

because I love HER,

HE cannot love me.

They don't matter.

In a world where Acton speak louder than words

and technology rules...

Friends hand with their phone more than me,

And still never bother to call.

They don't matter.

Society is telling me NOT

to put all my eggs in one basket

have more friends than JUST your lover.

They don't matter.

My ear is straining

But tier silence is defining.

My soul is screaming in loneliness

when you are gone.

If tier actions speak louder than words...

I don't matter...

But you do.

You are the only one who has stayed this long.

Our love bloomed in a dessert

 where I though nothing could grow.

You matter.

We speak of forever

planning our future Christmas's

Children's names, Vacations.

You are ALL that matters.

But when the darkness creeps in

and eclipses the light of your smile,

tier voices creep into my nightmares

Making me count the days till

you've had enough.

When you can no longer hold me when I cry.

When my depression and anxiety will drive you away.

When I cannot control my anger and yell.

Whey you realize the bad outlays the good.

When your mother finally convinces you to leave.

They don't matter...

They DON'T matter...

But even though action speak louder...

Words still hold power.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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