The Battle Between Myself and I

You can never be better
You will never do better
You don't deserve better
That's what I tell myself everyday
I look in the mirror
Disgusted with my appearance
Full of regret from the decisions I've made
Horrified with the person I've become
And all I can do is stare
Stare back at my reflection
At this person who I can't recognize anymore
I can't identify
If I can just simplify
My life
And stop those simple lies
I tell myself
I lay awake
Wondering where it was I messed up
What did I do
Did you not deserve what it was that was done to you
Can you not see
The lies and pain you've been put through
The shame that's been put on you
The things they hold against you
The rumors they throw around about you
The way they judge you before they even know you
You're no better than me
Can't you see
In reality
You're your just as equal
Selected to live her life in fear
The days in repetition
If you could only listen
You'll hear the voices in my head
With the things that I've said
I push myself down
I'm my own enemy
I'm scared of me
I see myself and the person I've become
And I wonder how I got like this
My eyes full of stories
But my mouth spits out little words to say
And everyday
Life ticks away
And I'm left here with nothing to say
No hope
Nothing to inspire me to do better
To be better
To deserve better
We are all the same
Just as equal
We beat ourselves down
Point out our imperfections the things that make us tick
Our weak spots admitted
Distributed out into the world
Only to be spotted
And torn
They took away what was mine
They took away my soul

They took away what I rightfully owned
My life

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