Eye to Eye

With nothing left to do or say, I turn around and walk away.

I feel their eyes as they glare at me, they must not get my misery.

They've never wanted to be my friend, so what would make them try and pretend?

If I leave and go far away, would they regret the words that they didn't say?

Or if I took my last breath of air, would they all act as if they were unaware?

In their minds they all can justify, their hateful rumors and desolate lies.

And no I'm not bitter, distasteful or distraught, I only wish they'd given me more thought.

I promise I'm not weird, annoying, or lame, they always told me two can play at this game.

They can be fake and so can I, but stooping that low leaves you eye to eye.



This poem is about: 
My community


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