Thanks to my Brother



Through the halls, head held high,

making fun of kids of many types.

Just for fun?

Just for kicks?

I couldn't really tell you why.

  The laughs

I got, for rude comments I made,

second to none,

I was popular that day.

Thinking of my self

and the way people see me,

is the most important thing

in a Jr. high setting.

      High school.

Things are changing

I'm back at the bottom.

working my self up,

turns out to be a problem.

Everyone's against me ,

I can't see why.

I maybe have one

person by my side.

       My brother

he joins me

in this new environment.

I see the nervouness coarse through him.

Not well in shape nor one with the "looks"

but smarter than all the history books.

Watching him get bullied,

Hurts me more than I show.

But once the bullying began to grow,

I stop caring for my self and lived for him

to make sure he would

make it till the end.

I got bullied for protecting my brother

but helping him was all that matterd.

Although I had friends,

I felt so alone.

I thought I couldn't go on

any more.

I see my brother ,

eating alone and getting things thrown at him,

People calling him names too harsh for me to write.

But I see him go on,

and not giving up the fight.


is what I set out to do.

to talk to the kids sitting alone,

who might not have the will to go on like my brother.

Seeing how strong he is

made me live for the better,

I am changing,

Thanks to my Brother.




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