I didn't see.

When I saw the scars on her wrist,

I didn't see an attention whore,

I saw an angel counting her days,

For when she would return to heaven,

For Earth had became a hell,

And her innocence longed for home,


When I caught her vomiting in the bathroom,

I didn't see a decaying skeleton,

I saw a beautiful woman purging herself,

Who was drowning in the poison of her peers,

Who was trying to expell the voices in her head,

Because her natural beauty was mocked


When I caught him crying in the corner,

I didn't see a emotional teenager,

I saw a young man weeping,

For things words could no longer express,

His sob were him struggling to breathe,

Through the vicious storm from within.


When I found him completely drunk,

I didn't see a party animal seeking a thrill,

I saw a person who was drowning in their sorrows,

The alcohol the only thing to ease their pain,

As they struggle with themselves,

And the reality they are forced to fight with.


When I gaze onto another human being,

I do not look to judge the abnormality of their battles,

Their struggles as they try to fight through the fog,

Or to see if they have chosen to give up the war,

I look to see the warrior who's been strong for too long,

And to reach a hand to show them they are not alone.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



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