Suicidal Girl

On the bed thinking.
Where's my razor
So I can cut up.
Where's my razor
So I can take this pain away
Why do people consistently bully or judge me when they don't even know me?
I look in the mirror I see nothing
My eyes, they are dull and dark
They never go light
I have nothing to enlighten my day.
Maybe I should hang myself or maybe even slit my wrist.
What makes a difference?
I'm losing and I have to fight this battle.
But i'm losing and giving up.
Letting all the hate get to my head.
Not keeping my head held high.
Maybe I should write a letter.
Nobody will give a damn.
I hope their happy for ruining my life.
There's one word that's floating around my head..
And that's.......Suicide

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Suicide is a cruel and dark deed. Although I can't really say much because I have been close to it. Please read my poems and tell me what you think of them.

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