Ridiculous, clueless, and how can you all be so stupid,

Hey, you there, sitting alone in the dark, why don't you get some sunlight, take a stroll in the park? I know this world can be cruel and I know that even your parents, can sometimes be fools. You can't let anyone break you,listen close to what I  must say, something I wish someone had said to  me back in the day. Life doesn't have to hurt, I promise if you take my advice, you will pick yourself up from the dirt. Depression it sucks, so does PTSD, and Anxiety. If there's ADHD, you might even have a bit of BPD. These are just a few of our mental travesties. Don't let them beat you, don't let them blurr your vision with an ocean of tears, so bitter and salty. Don't be ashamed, or let anyone call you crazy unless that is your name. Mental illnesses may seem the worst of all, but I promise victim to these you don't have to fall. Help is out there, you just have to call. I know it is hard when it seems like noone understands, noone at all. That's just a trick that your mind plays, to keep you from being set free. There are people who can listen and understand, yes there are good people in this cruel world we're all living in. I understand, I have been where you are. I have encountered quite a few people who have been there too, and they understand and want to help. Some days you will smile and laugh, then out of nowhere the happy is past, depression sets in and you start to cry, you look up to ask God why?  Why me, I don't understand, what did I do to deserve the hell I stay trapped in? Suicide is not the answer please don't give in. I know it's hard with mental issues and the cruel world we live in. Don't apologize because they're not nice, listen close and take my advice, please stop cutting, your skin is not meant to slice. I know why you do it, because the physical pain helps you get through it. The worst part is, you battle this all alone in silence. It's ridiculous I swear, explain to me world, how is this issue so serious, yet so many seem oblivious to it? Bullshit it is, if you ask me, and I am sure all the people who go through this would surely agree. It is time to fight, against every bully, and mental tragedy, listen you fools. and listen carefully to me, you must, unless you don't mind standing over a young child lowered in to the ground, while you grab a little earth sprinkle it on their eternal bed saying, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. It is time to act and stop all this painful tragedy that happens to kids and teens regularly,  and quite horribly I must say! The online bullies, the jerks in the hall, the depression, anxiety, on top of it all. It is time to fight and make it all right, for the fright is no longer only on Halloween night. There's been enough of all the campaigns for awareness, now it's time to act and end all this madness, Make bullying, whether it's online or in the hall, punishable by law, who cares how big or how small. These victims are not just victims their the future for us all. Is this what we want, a nation filled with bullies that rise, while good people fall? A nation led by baffoons for all the world to see. You need to stop hiding behind your blissful ignorance, thinking words can't hurt, because words are the main culprit for our babies hurt. Hateful words are worse than disease. Words are powerful, they cause more damage than fists, knifes or guns. Bruises will heal, but evil, cruel words can lead our babies to get ropes, blades, or swallow some pills. The pain from the words, just never seems to heal, the mental illness is almost impossible to kill, and makes them wish for death, to escape this pain they must feel. It is time now, can't you all see, to put a stop to all these young lives ending so tragically, The girl wearing a sweater in August when it's 101, needs someone to see her, offer a hand she can hold, Then listen to her story, and try to understand, she never wanted this, and to try as hard as she can, still doesn't make it go away or make anyone understand, think of her or even the boy who always walks alone, what if they have even worse things waiting at home? It is so sad I know, how the bullies are everywhere, even at home, in families with kids who don't get a hug, instead they greeted with more slugs. They get beaten all day mentally, they're scoffed at , and laughed at, lunch time is torture, most have no appetite, with no one to sit with, talk to, it just isn't right.  Then they go home, feeling defeat, to parents who will use they're children as something to beat. Even if they aren't violent, most are too busy, or don't have a clue about all the hell their baby goes thru. They find out when it's too late and a daughter, or son, kills themsleves just to escape this pain. To think we could have stopped this, if we would all dedicate more action and decide to take a stand against this shit, show all these bullies how it feels to be hit, let them gain, our childrens nightmares, feel what they make other's feel, nothing but pain. Is that the answer though? Punishment with cruelty, what will that gain?Why don't we as a nation, stand together, fight for manners, politeness, and encouragement, fight to show everyone the power that comes from love!! I know to you it might sound foolish, but have you got a better way to put an end to this? If so please share, comment below, because I am sick of hearing, seeing, and knowing the mental hell , and ugly demons our youth have to know.  It's ridiculous, how you all pretend to be so clueless! I will never understand, how you can all choose to be so damn stupid!


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Thank you Cutter Girl, to be completely honest, I was inspired by your poetry. I relate to you on many levels, and reading your work, inspires me! That poem was for you, I was hoping you'd see it, I did however just re-edit it, lol was poor grammar, a few too many typos, and found a few better ways to words things and a much powerful ending I think, lol. Thanks for reading and complimenting my work.

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