No one will see

I look at people and see, 

see the truth and power they carry.

I want that within me,

why can't this be?


Words cause pain,

you may not know it,

but I look at my eyes and all I see is rain,

feels like I'm a peice of shit.


People pick,

people poke, 

don't be a prick,

that's not a funny joke.


I deal with school,

and hell like home,

so you're not cool,

can I let go and roam?


People cut,

People slice,

tear they're skin up like a rut,

the pain's like ice.


I'm too afraid to do the bad,

I'm not sad,

I'm mad,

at my jacked up dad.


So can't you see?

See how bad it all can be?

How bad life is for a girl like me?

I'm not skinny.


I don't do flips,

I don't do drama,

I have huge wide hips,

but I can't blame my mama.


I got this all on my own,

can I just die?

Drop this poem,

and grow wings and just fly?


No one will tell,

nobody will see,

I live in hell,

but you can't see it with me...

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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