They tell me to chill out.

Sun, 04/14/2019 - 21:36 -- daisys

They say stand up for yourself when someone makes you feel small.

But, then they tell you "Chill out".

All of a sudden speaking up shouldn't be an option.

She wants light laughs and slow smiles, but little does she know some people are just rotten.

Some people are so rotten, they want 24/7 sadness.

They hate it when you're happy and venting about your day.

Somehow, they try making you feel miserable, too.

Just ignore those people, mom says.

How can I ignore them as they insult me?

If only we could ignore our problems, so then they could finally disappear.

Wouldn't that be the dream?

They say speak up, but can they feel their stares and their eyebrows raise in shock.

She just wanted invisibility.

This isn't what she bargained for.

And, suddenly instead of disappearing from the world, you can see right through her.

She just wanted invisibility.

This isn't what she bargained for.

If only she could hide away forever.

But, no, her height, race, and cultural background give her away.

They demand attention from the world.

So then of course, the monsters slowly crawl from their caves.

They inspect her weakest spots and strike when least expected.

Their ugly mouths whisper beautiful, false words in the shape of poison.

They strike at her as she laughs and feels the happiest.

If only everyday, she wasn't feeling it.

If only everyday, she could tell them off.

Instead, she bursts unexpectedly, and the ugly monsters cower in surprise and quickly put their hands up.

They only apologize so they can use her more.

She only helps you and smiles at you because she doesn't like enemies.

So, don't flatter yourself and believe yourself so high and mighty.

The clock ticks endlessly and loudly, and she has a spine.

Just remember, I'm not always in the mood.


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Our world
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