Poetry's Inspiration in My Life

Poetry was a way to escape

The cruel harshness of the world

With people who were more like rabid animals

Than people.

I could write it out in ways

In a language

That made sense to me.

A broken-up form of


That was different,

Just like me.

It's harder when you walk down the hallway

And you see people stare

At the girl with braces on her legs

Either feeling sorry

Or feeling smug

When I was younger

I went online and

Found my solution:


Who says poetry

Has to


That there has to be

A specific pattern in your


Unlike sentences, I could say

What I wanted to

When I wanted to

How I wanted to

without judgement.

I wrote it all down in my

special little journal

joined the writing club at school

even wrote songs which were

forms of


I could write out everything

that was said to me,

done to me.

and not a worry.

I didn't feel hopeless anymore.

I wasn't the sad little girl

with braces on her legs.

I was me.

I was




This poem is about: 
Our world


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