You are enough

You are enough

You are so enough,

You have no idea how enough YOU are. 

You are the light in my darkness.

You are the happiness behind your mom's eyes. 

You are seafoam pouring fresh from the ocean herself.

You are the TOP of every mountain 

You are the warm summer breeze 

You are the white snow falling to a child 

You are the taste of a home cooked meal

You are the reason for laughter

You are bread to butter

You are a fresh pair of jeans

You are the smell of peppermint tea

You are the only star in the night's sky 

You are the sun on a cold winter morning

You are the blaze in the fire

You are the sting of toothpaste

You are your destiny

You are a creator 

You are passionate

You are unique

You are creative

You are beautiful 

You are inspiring 

You are special

You will always be more than enough

You are simply and gloriously 


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