Something, Anything, Everything

When I was eight years old they told me to stop
At eight years old my academic license expired
I was destined to be average
All because little girls and little boys ridiculed my intelligence
The ones I tutored, the one that stole my answers
Admired second best and put me in last place
The contest was rigged
The judges were wrong
And no participation ribbon was given

But can I take it back?
Can I stand up and blow everyone out the water
I know now that they just feared me
I was eight years old and spoken of innovations with petroleum and medicine
I was eight years old just wanting somewhere I can fit in

I don't want to be one sad story after another
I want to be able to say I did not let them break me
Can I take that back?
Can I rearrange the hatred
Can I stop myself from hiding in the corner
Can I take back the beating and mental scars they left
They could not let me be superior
A ruler is nothing against an army

Royalty among peasants because they stole my crown
A scholar, an educator, just awaiting
Can I have that back?

I want to be able to try again
I need to be able to try again

If I could, I'd change it all
I wouldn't let them break me
I want to be a success story
I need to be a success story


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