Let Me Ask

Let me ask you a question

About the thoughts in your head,

The things that you feel,

The words that you said

To that girl down the street

With those beautiful eyes.

I know you remember her;

You fed her lies:

Told her she was pretty

Like she wanted to hear;

Made her dream of you two

Growing old through the years.

But you broke her down,

Stood up and laughed in her face,

Told her she was a fool

And you put her in her place.

But now she'll walk around

Feeling like she's not worth a damn

Because you "put her in her place,"

Said she'd never get a man.

And you,

Don't you walk away,

That guilt shining in your eyes.

Take off your halo of truth

And show that yours is made of lies.

Don't back away from this.

Own up to what you did:

How you tried to "help" a young man

And ruined his life instead.

Tell them all the lies you spun,

You shoved into his mind

Of needles, pills, and happiness,

A secret kind of life.

You hooked him and destroyed him

And now his life is done.

We'll never know his abilities,

The prizes he could have won.

The pressure of doing what is cool

Is unbearable at times.

So we hang to false words

Instead of doing what is right,

Or we try to change ourselves,

Wear masks to hide who we are,

And we take two steps back;

We never can go very far.

Such a cruel mistress is hate

'Cause when you try and use her,

She'll do what she is told

But make you regret it forever.

She's nothing but a drug,

A sick way to get high.

All you gotta do is hurt,

Break people's pure lives.

And then you step back and see

The false prizes you've won,

But then you see the consequences

That can never be undone.

So let me ask you a question:

Why? Why ruin lives?

Why drape a veil of deceit

Over an innocent's eyes?

Let me ask you this

Out of everything you've said,

Which words have made you wish

That you were dead?


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