Jimmy Word

Every abuse is not a physical pill
Unless you’re unwise and unskilled
These tones stone the insides
Of happiness and eventually toss you
To shame and leave you fearing any game
I knew Jimmy as best friend and brother
I remember speaking to an image
Of imaginative glamour
He wanted to see beyond a rattled image
He had dreams of rattling the cages
Of baboons on a field of dreams
He was the perfect kid
He strive for perfection and a greater
But until we went to high school
Jimmy saw life as a fiend
I remember seeing Jimmy in the hall
I glared as I begin to call
His eyes showed of pure hatred and anger
On the outer shell his whole vibe showed sadness
And behind his negative vibe
I heard words of vulgarity and jealousy
I knew not who this kid was
But he had everyone in the hall
Laughing at Jimmy’s height and weight
Yet, that moment I regret I didn’t feel
Because just to be a piece of a puzzle
I begin to chuckle and on my
Throat there was a giant
Uproar of laughter and shame
All to be a picture in a golden frame
As Jimmy walked pass my laughter
I put my arm on his shoulder and
Tell him to lighten up and don’t be sober
And then he smiled in a form of a smirk
Until the next day he went berserk
There we sat in class
I see Jimmy not as sad until
Some folks in class begin to say in a
“Joking” manner, words of fire
That fries Jimmy’s inside and out
And where was I?
The genuine crystal water to extinguish
The flames
I was just the mere gasoline
Of a nerve and a dictator of a friend
Yet Jimmy with glittered smile
He was cheerful and not yet down
He smiled as if he won a crown
Two days have passed and the sun
Is on its knees
A lovely Saturday morning , the air was
Thin and so crisp
And it was the day me and Jimmy
Go poolside
And then my head begins to ride
As my phone normally rings
Jimmy must still be asleep
No matter, I walk onto a stage
With no character and no page
A mirror will only repeat what
You say but it left my mind
As I walk downstairs anyway
I grab my superhero bowl
And cereal, and turn on the
Tube, to catch the weather and a view
There on the news, was the breaking
And there they showed a picture of a
My vision is glued on the screen
And my heart begins to harden
Because in the moment of conclusion
Jimmy hung himself inside his
My bowl breaks and shatter
And my breathe is a twig that snapped
And In tears I try to swallow
Then there’s the guilt
Why didn’t I stand for a friend?
I only talked sadness and shame
In his name
What kind of friend am I?
Should I really feel the shame?
My tongue caused pain
My tongue is a curse
My tongue caused me to lose a friend
Take a stand and watch what you say
Words hurt more when nothing is spoken

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