The Kid Sitting Alone at Lunch

The kid sitting alone at lunch 

Looks shamefully down at his lap

He doesn't want to see everyone talking 

Because he doesn't have anyone to listen to him 

He doesn't want to see everyone laughing 

Because he thinks he's the bud of the joke


The kid sitting alone at lunch 

I see him everyday 

So does everyone else 

Yet he still sits alone 

No one knows who he is 

Or if he's worth knowing 

He remains a mere ghost 


The kid sitting alone at lunch 

Suddenly abandoned his reclusive table 

And nobody noticed he was gone 

Except for me

I wondered if he was okay

Or if he just couldn't endure the loneliness anymore 


I hoped that he moved to a new table

Or he found a teacher to talk to

I was content with that idea

But then I thought of the worst 

That he was in a bathroom stall eating his sandwich, trying not to chew too loudly 

Or that he found a horrible solution to his problem 


The kid who sat alone at lunch 

Never came to lunch again

Everyone went on with their lives

I was left with an interminable guilt 

He didn't have to be alone

I could have been his friend


Always sit with the kid sitting alone at lunch 

Because you never know when it will be their last 

This poem is about: 
My community


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