My Life, My Choice

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 16:59 -- hstamps


I wake up, put on my clothes,

wash my face, fix my hair and look in the mirror with disgust.

Yes, I'll do it.


I go to school and walk to class,

I can hear them behind me, laughing,

snickering, making jokes.

I see them at lunch, glancing, pointing.

Your words and gestures will never cut

as deep as my blade.

Yes, I'll do it.


I come home, back to safety,

but the hatred lingers.

No social media, they're there too,

just waiting, like a tiger waiting in the tall grass for its prey.

I take my happy little pill to drown the humiliation and hatred.

Yes, I'll do it.


I sit on the edge of my bed,

blade in hand, ready... set... do it!


If I fall through they win and I lose.

I will not be the loser anymore.

It's my life and I choose to live it!


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