Hidden Beauty

This is a curse not a gift So what is my mission this is a skin condition   Not one of my ambitionSo now here's your time to listen   When people look at meand ask me what is on your arm   I change the subject they should find some respect Not trying to disrespect   But don't you think they need To find a better a way of asking Instead of attacking   The doctors call this a disability But maybe they're just full of gullibility    This also comes with a learning problemMaybe it's my time to blossom    My family says not to be discouraged But how should I be encouraged    Well I try to keep my poker face on So others think I'm brave But at least I know I'm saved    I ask myself why I'm still insecure Maybe I just need a listener   I throw all these bars But yet no one sees the scars    Yet, I know I can achieveAs long as I believe That I can be the person God wants me to be    

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