Anguish of High School


You say we can come to you when needed

We need you to listen when you’re called

But you won’t be there when we’re crying

You’re not there for us at all.


All these secrets that need saying

That you don’t really want to hear

All those rumors circulating

But you refuse to lend your ear


I want to tell you that I’m hurting

I need to tell you that I’m afraid

But you won’t lend me comfort

You only look the other way


When there’s a kids thrown into lockers

You say kids can be cruel

Didn’t you ever have a teacher

That you could confide in at school?


I wish that I did, but I don’t

I need you to step up, but you won’t

You turn a blind eye and let this anguish continue

I bet you wouldn’t if it were you


Call us out on the bruises

On the scars etched into our skin

Don’t act as if the marks aren’t there

When they’re painted for all to see


Stop condoning all the pain

Stop looking the other way

Stop. Stop. STOP.

That is what I would say, if I could.


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