becoming elijah


United States
42° 31' 39.4608" N, 89° 4' 30.9" W

although born a female, there was something that i knew
i knew that i was different, thoughts that stuck like glue.
i put on all the dresses, i did just what they said,
but every night i cried, i fought hard inside my head.
i was not a girl, i was not a daughter.
i didn't want to disappoint, never tell my father,
As i've become older, the struggle ever showing,
i didn't want to go my life afraid of ever knowing.
i am now an Eli, i am not your daughter,
i have never been and now i know although it will be harder
to be taken seriously, to attempt to forget,
although i've been attacked and bullied, i do not regret.
This was never a 'choice,' i never chose my gender,
i listened to my heart and mind, and it will stick forever.


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