School Blues (I Am Eve)

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 02:32 -- catcons


Do you like me like this,

        Curled up and dry on my knees, not daring to feel or breathe

        The weight of my body hurled to the floor

        Cold concrete on my skin, hard veins, hot blood


Teacher, where are you now?

Do you like me like this

        Dancing and riding on the golden calf

        Barefoot and prancing, romancing my sin

        Charming the snake with my eyes and belly dance,

        The venom is warm, I am awake

Teacher, why can't you help?

Do you like me like this

        Gristle in my teeth, sucking and sucking on it while you preach

        Feeding on the breast and watching the milk dribble from mouth to thigh

        Glory, glory, to you on high

        Big man in the sky,

With your pen in hand, supercilious, silly girl you say, but-

Do you want me like this

        Plucking the apples from the sacred tree

        Biting it so it froths yellow in my teeth

        Bruises on my knees, they kicked me in the teeth

But don't you like this?

        As I trek from land to desert, ocean and sand

        Tripping upon ashes, dust in my throat

        Dirt covering my ears, my confidences smeared,

They took my clothes away

But don’t you want me like this?

        Didn’t you tell me,

        To control the libertine inside the unwanted woman

         Letching at me, breathing me

        What this is is what you created

Why don't you help me? They are ripping me, bleeding me-

        As I consume the dust.


Wash all the linens, stark white if you please

        Get the tambourines, the villagers, citizens of disease

        Lay me down with lilies, pink carnation blossoms

Help me please,

        As everyone says their prayers, to a woman in white,

        Encased in fine glossed wood, the summer juniper is sweet

        Don’t forget the reception, get enough to eat




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