Sticks and Stones


United States
36° 17' 45.6324" N, 119° 48' 43.488" W

Sticks and stones can break bones,
But words can break a person's mind.
though to some, words are small and no big deal,
to the targets they are far from kind.

All Slurs carry a heavy weight.
Sure one can pretend to shrug it off,
maybe even pretend to ignore it.
but, self-esteem goes down south.

I have heard groups utter slurs.
using them as playful gestures
but when an outsider uses the word,
the groups get mad and act immature.

Saying "Fresh off the Boat" is hurtful to immigrants.
Saying "Beaner" is hurtful to Mexicans.
Saying "Retard" is hurtful to those with disabilities.
And saying "Cracker" is hurtful to white Americans.

Saying "Nigger" is hurtful to African Americans.
Saying "Freak" is hurtful to those who can be a little crazy.
Saying "Fag" and "Dyke" is hurtful to gays and lesbians.
And even saying "Chink" is hurtful to a person with Asian ancestry.

So no one feels struck by a bleak wind,
its time to take a stand against slurs,
And bring them to their bitter end.

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