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Austin Easley

As the subtle flower sheds it's last petal, so does the depths of my spirit and all within.
You put down others and you think it's funny, but I know it is a sin.
You break other people's spirits and those around you.
Do you take pleasure in all the turmoil you do?
The people need to be saved from their pain through salvation,
all they need is their fire within.
Passion eradicates the evil in your heart,
and it relinquishes the urge to tear us all apart.
Don't be discouraged and always be proud,
you need to shout out your passion out loud.
Passion is the best feeling in the world and makes us something more,
all the worth while having something to fight for.
Bullies need to show compassion and love,
because God is watching from above.
The people who are getting bullied this poem is for you,
because your not alone and I care about you too.



Great piece! Your poem made me think of a Ballad style of poetry, and I think that might be a good idea when you continue writing and develop this piece some more. It would be really powerful to read more of your work in this style, since you take a very direct tone, and have crafted a very personal poem. Nice job, and I can't wait to read more!

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