Happiness is Flawless


Even though I'm freckled and thick

Even though I'm blind and poor

Even though I'm short and white

Your words don't hurt me anymore


I've come to learn what it's all about

The true meaning of this life

And although I may be far from the answer

I feel as though I'm right.


We're not here to pick on him

Nor to make her cry

But when will it stop, I ask myself

How many people have to die?


Let's be nice, share a smile

shake a hand and laugh

For this I love about myself

And is an ability that I have


I'd spend all day, no matter the person

making their frowns turn into smiles

And I've come to learn that the reaction I get

Makes it all worth while


So when you ask what makes me flawless

I'll have to stop and think

But then I'll say that it's my humor

That keeps me and others off the brink


To me, flawless isn't about make up or hair

Not boys or money or gold

It's the smiles you make and the memories 

You get to look back on when you're old 


I am flawless to myself

And I hope you see it too

For not in looks or riches you notice

But in my smile you do


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