Fri, 05/24/2013 - 00:28 -- LaTesa

Her Heart beat is rising, while her tears are shining, why is she so ……..afraid
The Obstacles are piling, her mind has stopped its smiling, I think she is……afraid
The questions come and go, her pacing too quickly, yet slow, I can see she is…….afraid
The positively starts to hide, while the negativity begins to flow, how long she has been…Afraid
No one cares, as she set and watch how rejection stares, they want her to be……afraid
Her mind wants to sleep, its then her life is happy and complete, yet she wakes up…..afraid
Her soul takes control and feeds her with hope, it is then she learns who is really …..Afraid
Serenity holds her hand, courage pulls her through, and wisdom gives her strength
She was never afraid… was you


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