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Blank page, blank stare, full pen
New day, new night, some problems
Same hate, same sad
Same place, my mind
My heart is swollen
About to pop, words unspoken
hurt it, make it infected
Troubled, from pain collected

Think long, think hard, think constantly
Many thoughts, many emotions, few words
No place, to vent
No escape, to free my mind
My head is spinning
I could faint, nothings giving
me relief, from everything
Upset and angry, tears from my eyes, spilling

Nothing there, nothing here, try me
Flaming eyes, burning fever, boiling
Don't wanna cry, it doesn't help
It makes me weak, it makes me small
My hands are red
really hot, hiding under the covers
helps me, keeps me safe
The heat burns all the feeling, all the pain
Everything, evaporates the rain

Blank page, blank stare, full pen
Mind racing, thoughts fusing, flowing
Full page, black stare, empty pen


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