Too many teens sit on the steps in their house after school

with tears on their face and blood on their wrists.

They get out of school and they load their home screen on facebook

or twitter

or tumblr

and they slit across their wrists.

They watch the blood seep from their wrists or thighs or ankles.

Why can't we fix this?

Why can't we walk together through the halls of school and look at each other with smiles bright like the ocean and swim in an ocean of happiness?

Why can't we toss these razors to the side and slide finger sacross each other's wrists and thighs and ankles?

Why can't we load our home screens on facebook

or twitter

or tumblr

and feel our shoulders lift up?

Why can't we all get along?!

Go home from school and sit in a bath of happiness and don't let them ruin your soul. We need to feel good about ourselves and look at each other with love rather than hatred and learn to like our peers!

I would change this about the world: the hatred and bullying and self- loathing and all of these things that cause people to create a river of red on their bodies and in their heads!

We need to learn to love. 


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