God Bless America

God Bless America.

Where suburban neighborhoods flourish

and every house looks like the other,

like rows of mass-produced Fords.

God bless America.

Where the government spends money

on things the few majority wants

and neglects what the vast minority needs.

God bless America.

Where people from other lands come for safety

but end up being caught in a hail of bullets

=fired from the mouths of the privileged.

God bless America.

Where innocents are slaughtered

by police forces so blinded by prejudice

that they can’t see beyond their  own tear gas.

God bless America.

Where little boys are told in their youth

to “stop being such a girl” because

sensitivity is said to be a sign of weakness.

God bless America

Where women are whistled at on

city streets and barked at like animals

simply for having a female body.

God bless America.

Where the politicians turn a blind eye

to the homeless they walk past every day

and lock the doors of their limousines.

God bless America.

Where doors of classrooms are locked

out of fear a student turned armed gunman

might lay waste to an entire student body.

God bless America.

Where millions of kids repeat anti-bullying sentiments

and raise awareness for suicide

yet go home and torment the gay kid next door.

God bless America.

Where kids with special needs

go to schools with teachers with no patience

and ignorant students that whisper behind their backs.

God Bless America.

Where standards for beauty are laid out

on magazine covers, catering to

the vulnerability of a girl’s self-esteem.

God bless America.

Where freedom is green and depreciating

where men with power are too drunk

to know how to use it.

God Bless America.

Freedom for all,

equality for some,

and justice for none.

God SAVE America.



You write with such truth. What a fantastic poem. The whole world should read it.


I'm so glad you enjoy my poems! :)

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