Four walls close you in
Nothing goes out, nothing comes in
Feeling content in your own little world
Everything perfect in your never-get-hurt
Little box

Life goes past at the speed of light
Your smile is glowing and your face is bright
Feeling like your world is great
Only happiness, never hate
In your
Little box

Suddenly you realize
You need to venture to the outside
It is a scary feeling but you are willing to try
Hoping you will never cry
When you open your
Little box

One corner is slit
And it is a perfect fit
Everyone is nice
No hatred is going to suffice
In the little bubble outside your
Little box

Suddenly things start to change
The air is filled with hate and names
You start to feel so alone
Wondering if you have a place to call home
Want to go back inside your
Little box

Tears are streaming down your face
Feeling so out of place
You wipe the tears from your face and dry your eyes
Take in some deep sighs
And close the slit back to your sanctuary
Where all the days are bright and merry
Inside your
Little box


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