A Quick Quip



A quick quip

is the clever tongues whip.

How violent is a laugh

to demean or cut in half

The weaponry of comedy

is ssurely bloody scenery.

A laugh always comes at a price.

Someone must pay for a lovable play, 

and humor is a tumor

malignant not benevolent.

The easiest ways are behind closed doors and backs.

"Hush now, they’ll hear our thoughts"

so queer, so clear, so close, but not dear.

close your ears, our words sharp as tacks. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Hey I like it :)

did you write it for the scholarship thingy?



Yes, I sure did.


Sweet, my mom sent me a link and told me to put one on... Do they read all of them or how does this work?



I really don't know, I was on a scholarship website like a couple minutes ago, but I think the way to do it is post any poem that you wrote that you think would win it, and then when you post it, under the tagging area where it says poetry slam, select the option that says "its all up to you: scholarship slam"


Hmmmm. Lol I gues what ever happens happens, will you read mine quick? I don't normally write poems and I kinda just winged it


I read it, I think it's a very cute poem.

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