Humans: Natural Beasts


United States
37° 35' 42.828" N, 122° 2' 38.2884" W

Allow me the time

if you would be kind

to come to a point in the line

where good comes to bad

and happy turns sad

and the world continues with rhyme


Yet those lose little souls

who left more than a life

have become there own demons

while living with strife


Turn now to the brightest of places

where everyone is so nice

but even here in this little place

we see darkness with a price


The kind hearted souls

still torture each other

and some bury holes

with their own bothers

because there are some who suffer too much

yet we turn our eyes from seeing them as such

because even the kind tend to torture just one

to make their kindness become like the sun


We are all demons

angels we be

yet still i feel

that we do not see

the darkness inside of us all

we will be

the destruction that made us all fall

in the end

it is how we became such creations

Such beasts without limitations

in creativity




yet still we are beasts

and still we will hate

because in the end it is just our fate

To suffer

and destroy

to hate and employ

distractions throughout our thoughts

as we ruin others with what we have wrought.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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