A Girls Silence

She’s kind
Though she never really says much
She smiles
Though it never really seems real
She laughs
Though she never really seems to enjoy being around
She’s here, doing what she has to do faithfully
Though the pain is so strong, you can see it in her eyes.
A girls silence, Is her loudest cry.

She yearns for help, she needs someone there
She never asks for it, because she’s too scared
She has no safe space, cus’ deep down, she is her only friend
Everything she goes through stays bottled up inside
A girl’s silence is her loudest cry.

They laugh and make fun of her
Because she’s kind of weird
Something like an outcast
You know, someone who shouldn’t be there
They call her names, and judge her because of her past
But she still goes down to lunch, puts her headphones in her ears and act like she’s fine.
A girls silence is her loudest cry.

A few months past
She swears everything has gotten worse
No money, no support
Still there is no one there
She is hurt and there’s a deep sadness pouring through her heart and covering her soul, cutting through her veins and making her feel cold
A couple more months go by
The bullying doesn’t stop, and she doesn’t know why
She writes a note, and she talks of suicide
She locks her door, grabs some pills,
Takes one
Takes two, three, four, five
And then theres a silence.
A girl’s silence is her loudest cry.

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