"You're stupid. You're annoying. You're ugly. We don't want you here."

These are words my brother hears daily at school.

Cruel is the words to describes the children of today.

He doesn't cry or show emotion but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel the pain that comes with those

words. If they really knew who he is or what he has they'd understand.

Asperger's. My brother has asperger's. My beautiful kid brother has this glitch to him that makes him

the most innocent human being. And these words that are meant to cause harm can cause him to

harm himself. I don't want to wake up and find my brother hanging from the cieling fan. I do not wish

upon anyone. These words need to stop and to stop children must be exposed to these type of 

glitches and understand everyone is different. That beign different is okay and should not be exiled.

Helping children learn about how words can cause harm would help stop the spreading of these

phrases. To love one another. To mend the minds of the next generation and by that we create a

better tomorrow.


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