The Judgement


Everywhere we look, people silently judge, that's what they always do, we think we look fine, we act polite, we dream big and cry inside, everyone is a judge, you just don't know , they could be your best friend, a parent, or just a mere acqaintence, your issues, your laugh, your attitude, they see, they listen, even if they don't know you, they just think they do, so they try to break you down, but you just hold it in, and let it out at night, you just take away your pain, you let it cry, you hide the scars, the ones you carry, you hide away from everyone, you ignore everyone, you don't want to judge, you don't know that I know all of this, but I do, I'm that voice, the the one who always talks to you, I am you, I am The Judgement.


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