In your life, the saying

“Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words will never hurt me”

Is something you’ll hear a lot


But there’s also a point in your life

When you realize that

That isn’t necessarily true


Adults will tell you

“Kids will be kids”

“People can be cruel”

And the worst one-

“Just get over it”


But something you don’t hear-

Is that you are more


You are more than your bully’s own problems

Because despite what adults say

The fact that they are hurt

Does not give them the right to hurt you


You are more than the names they call you

And you know that

But it doesn’t make it hurt any less


You are more than the things your sadness has made you do

Whether it was push away those close to you

Or something more extreme


You are more than the thoughts you have

Because you’re not worthless

And people would miss you if you left


But they aren’t the only ones who need to tell you this

You need to wrap a cast around your broken heart

Wrap it tight and then sign it

You sign it ‘they were wrong’


They have to be wrong

We have to believe that they were wrong

Because how else would we have made it this far?


We walk this tightrope between quiet and dead

And yeah, some of us fell


But us, me and you

We are graduating members of the class of ‘We Made It’

So now we can face them and we can say

“I am more, and you were wrong”

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