Chaos (Still Hope)


Violence, much happens to people who keep silence 

Oppression led the oppress to depression

One gun can kill many sons 

Teenage girls are confused, all bruised 

Homelessness, while the richness strive with excessive pride

Clothes with holes, no one knows

Millions of Spanish immigrants migrating, getting here, their dreams are fading 

You have millions keeping faith, no trying to remember their wraith

Escapism is on the high, people going around like a tie

Accusation of manslaughter sometimes puts the innocent into deep water 

Alcoholism makes kids become melancholic 

Addiction, OD, that should not be you or me 

Still Hope...


People reminisce over their love ones who died, their depression led their suicide

People that are abused, stand up, and diffuse to telling someone 

Don't take the other way out, just shout out, you will be heard by millions

News with spread like how a plant sprouts

The people going through the same problem that are trying to stop them

Me and them will always be there in your mind,

We will combine to devour the dark power together, it will take a while

But, Still Hope....  


Chaos reigns, it pains my mind to think in those types of  lanes 

Every line I write gives me faith like a speck of light

Still maintain hope, if you read this, you and me can cope together. 

I have faith for you and everyone else trying to maintain through the pain

Me and you can break those chains 

Keeping going through that tunnel, don't have a small will, similar to a funnel. 

Still Hope..... 



Deja Marshawna Anderson

I got HOPE now after reading this poem!! :)


I feel good to be able to help someone out. Please spread this poem so people can get this message.

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