Thoughts of a Bullied Teen

Slam Against Bullying

Life’s not easy,

and pain never goes away,

I listen to every single word they say.

They call me ugly, they call me fat,

someone even said I look like a rat.

I try to ignore them and forget the pain,

but it just gets stronger every day,

some see this as a sense of overplay.

They make fun of me and call me names,

just to make themselves feel better,

the pain won't go away.

My wrist are hurtful,

the blood always drains,

“what am i good for?” thats what they always say.

I’m just a waste of space and have no life,

maybe..just maybe, they might be right.

Do you think if I was gone, they wouldn’t have nothing left to say?

My parents don’t understand,

for their not in my shoes,

every single day,

it’s nothing new.

The suicidal thoughts are not just a stage,

it’s a true emotion I’m feeling,

I just want to go away.

Tomorrow won’t be better,

they’ll just say more hurtful things.

I hate living life,

I just want to go away.

- The thoughts of a bullied teenager

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Amazing insight on a painful and way too common situation. Please read my poems bc I would love some feedback

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