I am Me.


United States
39° 1' 14.4012" N, 84° 11' 46.5216" W

ha ha ha
look at her fat!
fatty fatty 2X4 couldnt fit through the kitchen door!
ha ha ha
you pick on me because im twice your size
you pick on me because i dont care what you think
you pick on me because im different than you
and that disturbs you.
I laugh at things you find upsetting
I talk at a decibel best left for outside
I walk with my head held high
And you can't hold yours up.

You poke fun at my Cs
and give me funny looks when I try to think something over
but it's okay.
Because I'm done trying to please you
and I have been for quite some time.

But I'll tell you this:
I am put on this Earth to make people laugh
and by god, if 'hurting' me makes you fall over in side splitting guffaws
So fucking be it.
You'll regret it later on.

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