What Is On The Inside

The boy who always yell,

He bullies,

He fights,

He cries.


At home,





No friends,

No love,

No one listening,

No one.


A girl,





Too weird,

Too creepy,

Too chunky,

Too different.


He yells,

Others laugh,

He cries,

She sees.


Next day,

He sits alone,

She sits by him,



He yells,

Calls her an idiot,

Why by him,

But she just sits.


He sighs,

Slumps down,


What's the point?


She never spoke,

He just ignored,

She always watched,

He never cared.


Day after day,

She sat there,

She watched him,

Until he spoke.


"What do you want?

You want my money?

You gonna laugh at me?



She looks at him,

Takes a deep breath,

Too scared,

She can't speak.


She leaves,


Doesn't come back,

He's alone again.


Back in class,

A note on his desk,

He reads it,

Doesn't know what to think.


"I know you're not a monster,

I know you are hurting,

But you're never alone,

The girl."


Next lunch,

She doesn't come,

He worries,

He goes looking.


In a corner,


Being bullied,

Taken advantage of.


He fights them,

Two against one,

He fails,

Bloodied and down.


She runs to him,


Wipes his face,

He smiles.


He grabs her head,

Pulls her down to him,

Lies there,

Holding her.


She knew,

She cared,

It was never about the outside,

But what she found on the inside.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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