Behind Closed Doors

Fri, 07/22/2016 - 00:29 -- jlanda

Smokey room filled with chills,

Empty bottles, and pills.

Today's fears are tomorrows tears. 

She feels Euronymous creep in,

As he shatters every seam.

Today she is seen but tomorrow dreamed. 


No one knows how bad it hurt;

No one knows how deep it cut

Right through a restless heart

And sucked up every single part

Behind closed doors,

She bled even more.


In the haze of a midnight sun, 

Erebus screams and whispers anon. 

She looks her pounding head up

As Charon call to her "Come!"

She chokes back tears

And everyday faces her fears,

As no one will dare 

To show they actually care. 


No one saw the tears in her longing eyes

As she slowly died inside. 

Right through a restless heart

She sucked up every single part. 

Behind closed doors, 

She bled even more. 


She walkd the halls everyday

Bold, the pain of faces never fade away.

Afraid that the stains would be here to stay. 

Peace with sanity lost each day

This isn't how she thought her life would be -

When smiles and laughs turn to mockery. 

Young girls can be so truly mean!

Who knew that this could happen at thirteen?


No one knew how much she hurt, 

No one knew how deep she cut. 

Right through a restless heart,

She sucked up every single part. 

Behind closed doors, 

She bled no more. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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