There are no words to describe

the pain she felt in her heart

they laughed at her in ignorance

her world falling apart

her family in pieces

no one to help her

she needed a friend

someone to care for her

she sang out emotions

she cut out her pain

the world a cold place

hate running through her veins

she'd found a guy

his words smooth to hear

she wanted his love

she needed him near

she thought it was true

but she saw he was playing

heartbroken yet again

she was nothing but a game

so again on her own

she cried to sleep every night

If anyone asked

she said "Im alright"

but had they looked in her eyes

had they cared at all

they would have really saw

but they didnt at all

she tried to be beautiful

she tried to ignore herself

but you see thats hard

when theres a war within yourself

she fought with her mind

she fought with her thoughts

she fought with her parents

she fought and she fought

her parents didnt know

rebellion they thought it was

she went through so much

she needed their love

but her anger misunderstood

her parents disappointed

she didnt want to be angry

and not a disappointment

so she looked to her future

seeing there was nothing in store

she wouldnt be missed

no one cared anymore

she'd written her pain

the day befor she died

reminding them of all the signs

that led to her suicide.

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My family
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