Ninth Grade Me

Sat, 06/18/2016 - 23:01 -- Bnduga


United States
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"You're fat"
"I hate you"
"You'll never fit in"
Words have a mighty power over me
Whether it's a joke or serious
I am to be handled with care and caution
Most days I am sad and I do not know why
My mom thinks it's my weight
And my dad doesn't even know
I mean how can I tell him I want to be someone else
I have had thoughts that I shouldn't have
And yet I am still able to keep a smile on my face
This facade is not real yet I was voted the happiness person in eight grade
The only thing that keeps me here is writing
The passion and the emotion fuels me
It gives me the energy to keep on and find out what is going to happen to Elizabeth when she finds out that Tyler is gone
This mighty pen helps me to express myself
And it doesn't judge me the way those girls do with their designer jeans and straight hair
I am a writer and this makes me a survivor

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