Free all Caterpillars (an imago's reach)


A loud voice can do many things. It can free a caterpillar.

My words stayed small for so long and no longer will they hunger for excape. 

I fought through the jungle of my mind and freed my thoughts from it's captors.

It's taken me until now to break free and i'm a full grown imago. 

Why does another have to wait so long to be free? 

A loud voice can do many things and if i knew i had one i would have used it when i needed it the

most, in the days of my youth when i was a helpless caterpillar

It's quite alright because i use my loud voice to scare away the bullies of others. 

Now that i'm an imago, i use my voice to teach others what a loud voice is. 

The caterpillars don't yet know how much authority thier voices hold. 

Just as one caterpillar can say to another "You're ugly, just die... you will never be a butterfly." 

The other caterpillar can say "I am not ugly, i will never die... and you and i will be butterflies." 

Who says a caterpillar has to make it to be a butterfly in order to be free?

He can fly without his wings and his mind can soar over his enemies. 

They come to steal, kill and destroy. 

The ones who don't make it to be free end up prisoners of the war that takes place in their own


Ecoing off of the prison walls are the voices of that one caterpillar "You're ugly, just die... you will

never be a butterfly. You're ugly, just die... you will never be a butterfly." 

If the caterpillar decides to become free from his body rather than to free himself from the

negative thoughts, then it will certainly be a senseless loss of life.

A caterpillar can be freed from their enemies but they must learn to fly without wings.

In order to fly without wings they must spread wings from their soul and they can be taught so

by a full grown imago who went through all of the stages of the cycle of life. 

Free all caterpillars. 











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