That’s all I ask,

Is there something wrong with me?
Did someone tell you all to do this?
Or is this just some sick, twisted game?

What did I ever do to deserve this,
This torture you put me through,
Day in and day out?

Do any of you have an idea
What this is doing to me?
Do you?

Have you ever thought
Of what your cruel jokes and labels
Are doing to me?

If not, then let me
Tell you about everything
You’ve put me through.

Let me tell you
About the restless nights I have
Dreading the next day

Trying to act like
Your words don’t cut
Through me like knives.

Let me tell you
About the tears
I’ve cried

When trying to be
Strong is simply
Too much to bear.

Let me tell you
About the horrible options
I’ve considered

As a way
To escape
The pain.

It doesn’t matter
Either way
If I tell you or not

You don’t care
None of you ever did
And you probably never will.

Doesn’t it bother you
That I’ve considered
Ending it all?

That your cruel actions
Could make someone
Take their life?

Would you be happy?
Is that it?
Would my death make you happy?

Is that why
You torture me so?
Is it?

Are you purposely
Driving me to the
Breaking point?

If that is so,
Then let me ask you
Just one thing,




I have to say that first off, your writing carries with it a great emotion. I understand that the world is cruel. I understand that the people are cruel. But I also KNOW that what you're considering is not the answer. There are so many alternatives. There ARE people who love you. Focus on them. Focus on those that you love. Focus on the good in life. Don't worry about anything. It's OK. If you need to talk, hit my e-mail: towardalmightyzion@gmail.com. I check it basically everyday.

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