The Love Song of M. Gabrielle Fouche


Memories of gold and green
floating in the unearthly breeze of the forest
like a nymph tickling the toes
of all who threaten her Cognizant vitality
what is real is what is real
Nothing more, Nothing less.

Lingering fingers let go of the soil,
the seeping consciousness
feeling as light as feathers through the tips
the last bit of Earth, my hand grips
everything goes from feasible, to

I can't feel- my legs as I walk forward,
into what I feel is right
Unknowingly just digging a deeper grave
closer and closer into the flames at the core of the Earth,
lingering and waiting for my excavator.
Mocking and Laughing like sirens,
only they know what is to happen to you
and the Silver Silk Ethereal cloth which is being ripped
by their blood stained Talons.

I can't feel- my legs as I walk forward
into the depths of the flames
further and further I walk, till the skin off of my bones has been fried
people are pushing and shoving, still I move Toward
Hard to imagine that the only one who needs you, is you.
deeper into the flames, licking at my heels
you don't know what has hit you, until the wound Creeps
Straight to your Heart


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