Goodbye friend

Stop the screaming,
Stop the time,
Stop reminding me that you are gone.

It took only a second,
And in that second,
I wondered,
Could I have done anything?
Could I have paid more attention?

People come to me,
Asking me why,
Why are you gone?
And I wan't to scream at them,
Tell them it's not my fault...
Though I blame myself,
For not going with you,
For not listening to you
When you told me
"Distract me...please distract me"
If I hadn't turn my back on you,
Thought you were joking,
Would you be alive now?
Smiling softly at me,
Our red strings of destiny,
Holding us close.

Would you be by my side?
Now I am stuck remembering,
When I listen to Bowling For Soup,
You know which one I mean, right?
Goodbye friends,
Or Paramore,
Because they talk of death,
Of not being able to stop a friend,
and Damn it!!!!
I wish I could have stopped you,
That our last words were not
"Distract me...please distract me"
"I am too busy"

I would not be too busy this time,
I swear it,
I would distract you,
Talk to you...
And maybe this time,
You could have told me


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